Doreen Eyes

Want to create the perfect cat eye with a long-lasting eyeliner formula?

Want an eyeliner that comes with an easy-to-use handle and ergonomic grip so you are assured a steady sweep?

Choose from a wide range of eyeliners and define or stroke your way to fantastic results.

Doreen gives you so many ways to define your eyes--from the lasting intensity of our liners to the ultra-blendable artistry of them. Classically sleek or smoky, whatever look you choose, you can find the befitting eyeliner at Doreen.
Create a multitude of designs including thin, sharp or thick lines with rich, waterproof liners. Eyeliners in a multitude colours offer styling options.

Find what you need at Doreen and define your eyes with a confident swish to look glamourous all day or evening long. The soft gel texture of the gel addict liner is easy to apply as it comes with a small brush attached to its cap. You can trace your eyes with the soft, creamy texture of the forever silk eyeliner that comes in various metallic hues including the gypsy green, blue cosmic, earth line and more.

If you are looking for products to enhance the beauty of your eyes, Doreen is the right choice!

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