Doreen Nails

Doreen presents pretty pastels and bright neons, choose the nail polish that suits your persona.

Doreen has a speciality nail polish formula that do more than just adding colour.
Whatever the reason or the season, we have a wide range of matte and glossy nail polishes to choose from. With the incredible range of colours and finishes available in nail polishes, choosing a new shade is as exciting as wearing it with a befitting ensemble.

Make a great, first impression by flaunting your manicured nails that have been lacquered in your favourite shade of nail polish. From nude nails that are a perennial style favourite among fashionistas who prefer understated nails to bold shades or glittery nail polish that are in trend, there’s plenty of choice on Doreen.
From the perfect shades to apply for your happily ever after to an extensive colour catalogue of everyday shades or holiday shades, a wide range of nail polish shades awaits you.
Express your style unabashedly as you choose from hues of purples, plums, browns, gem tones and neutrals.

Not sure how to choose a nail polish shade? You can base your colour selection based on the outfits in your wardrobe or the season you’re in. Classic reds and pinks are best suited for party outfits, neon nail paints are great summer colours and clear nail polish that adds a touch of shimmer to your nails is a classic, everyday nail polish.

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